Online Classroom Announcements

Hello and welcome,

We are excited to have you and your student join the Davis Connect family.  This has been quite the year and Davis Connect is no exception.  We are working hard to get our nearly 5,600 K-12 students into classes and all things ready to go for students. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this unprecedented school year.

A few items you may want to be aware of...

  1. We are lucky enough to have some amazing support staff join Davis Connect.  Please welcome Amber McInelly as our Administrative Intern.  We also have Kaylene Yardley joining us as a full time ELA coordinator.  Terri Culp has graciously come out of retirement to support as a part time STS.
  2. Teachers start back to school the 19th and will spend the 19th - 24th getting ready for your students.
  3. Kindergarten students will start the 31st.  We have scheduled the 25th- 28th for KEEP (Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile) and Acadience (reading fluency) testing. A time and location for testing will be forthcoming.
  4. We are in the process of gathering devices for students who requested one on the registration form.  We will contact you when these are ready to be picked up. You can plan on having a device on August 24th at the latest.  If you are purchasing a device, a touch screen is optimal for annotation. However, most computers will do just fine and storage space isn’t a major issue as students can store work in the cloud.
  5. We will have a virtual "Back to School night". Teachers will send a video and information by end of day on August 20th.  On the afternoon of August 24th, teachers will be available for a virtual meeting with you and your student.  More info and schedule details will be sent with the welcome letter from your teacher.
  6. We will keep the first week of school light--teachers will focus on team building, gathering data through formative assessments, and providing technical support and Canvas navigation practice. Content will begin the 2nd week and electives will begin the 3rd week.
  7. We have a sample schedule you can view here.  Please be flexible.  We may need to adjust the schedule slightly once we get started and find what works best for the students.
  8. If you have not yet received the registration form by the end of this week, please email  The registration form will ask about devices, elective options and other information.
  9. Many of you are curious about what supplies you need.  All of our materials and resources are digital.  Having the common items of pencil/paper, crayons, colored pencils would be helpful for the art elective.

We are so excited to have you join us!

Amber McInelly, Linda Greenwood and all the Davis Connect teachers

Davis Connect K-6

369 West Gentile St.

Layton, UT 84041