Online Programs K-6

Choose Your Learning Path

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Option A: Online Classroom (OC)

For students who want to work directly with an online teacher and peers, engaging in virtual learning sessions daily.

Option B & C: Independent Study (IS)
Parent/Guardian Led Software Options

For students who want a parent to serve in the role of the teacher and provide most of the learning support using district provided software (Calvert or Courseware). A Davis Connect certified teacher will support parents and schedule meetings to review progress data with each family weekly,  bi-monthly, or monthly.

Option A, B, & C Comparison Chart
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Additional Details & Samples



***At Davis Connect, we ask that families commit to fully engage in online learning for the entire year. We recognize some families may need online learning options for a shorter amount of time, especially due to the pandemic. The minimum amount of time for enrollment at Davis Connect should be one entire term. Unenrollment procedures include notifying Davis Connect
and the boundary school one week prior to term end.