Details: Parent/Guardian Led Software Option

For students who want a parent to provide the learning support using district provided software and a teacher who meets with each family for teaching support.

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Content Delivery & Instruction


  • Software is aligned with Utah state core requirements
  • Work time is flexible to fit the family and students needs and schedules.  

Time Expectations

  • Students are expected to maintain grade level pacing as outlined by software provider guidelines. 
  • Students that are behind grade level pacing, will create an academic plan with the teacher mentor to bring the student up to pacing expectations..
  • Parents will create an enrichment/remediation plan which includes instructional activities to supplement student learning.  This plan will be submitted by the teacher mentor.  
  • Students who have not been active in a course for ten school days may be dropped from the course. 


  • Students with a 504 plan or SPED Individualized Education Plan will have their accommodations provided. 
  • The IEP team, that may include the students boundary school, will meet to determine appropriate service .


  • Optional in-person activities, field trips, STEM and art, will be scheduled in accordance with county health guidelines.