"We LOVE Davis Connect Online. The staff are easy to work with and easy to contact. They provide the best support. The lessons are easy to access and my kids love them. The kids have options of different courses and you can tailor the education to the kids. For example, my 8 year old is in grade 2, however, he’s just completed third grade work. Moving to online school was the best decision we made!"
  -Chelsea, parent of Kindergarten and 2nd grade student

"I love the Davis Connect program. It is a program that I can adjust to the needs of my child. I get to be in charge of my child’s education with the full support and resources of Davis Connect. Mrs. Reeder understands the need of my child and without hesitation adjusts things for his needs, she is always available and helps with any technical, educational, or advice on emotional support."
 -Pam, parent of 5th grade student

"We LOVE how easy it is work in the program and that we have quick access to teachers if we need!  We also LOVE that the program is customized to each of our children's learning abilities!  The teachers make each of our children feel special every single time they talk to them.  Our children have learned to work independently and are confident in their computer skills.  We feel that this program is perfect for our needs and helps my children learn at the level that is best for them!  We would be lost without it and are so grateful we have this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing program!"
-Rosalie, parent of former 6th grader, 2nd grader and future Kindergarten student


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"I love the ability to have my child learn from home, on our schedule. I feel some of the subjects are more advanced than what they were learning in the classroom. I pulled my oldest from a 6th grade spectrum class to have him do Davis Connect to advance in math and prepare for the advanced math in 7th grade. He passed the entrance exam and was able to complete 7th and 8th grade math in one year. He is now a Sophomore graduating from Davis High with full scholarship offers from Weber State and the University of Utah. I feel the online platform prepared him for the online classes at Weber State that he took during early college this past year. It teaches the child to be more responsible at an early age so as they advance in school they already have those skills."
    -Sarah, parent of former 6th grader and current Kindergarten and 3rd grader


"Davis Connect has been a fantastic program for our 4th grade daughter. She was struggling in public school because of anxiety and ADD, but we wanted to stay connected to the Davis schools and curriculum to make transitioning back to school easier. The teachers are phenomenal! They are so warm and adept at meeting the students where they are and helping them feel loved. Our daughter especially loves the daily reading time through Zoom. It’s a chance to have positive social interaction and feel like she’s part of a class and have friends, even if they aren’t in the same location. She also loved the fun field trips and in-person activities."
-Wendy, parent of 4th grader

"We love the flexibility of the program. The teachers are also very accessible for help and questions! "
-Erica, parent of 2nd grader

"We have enjoyed doing Davis Connect with our daughter this year. It has been encouraging to have the tools on Canvas to teach my 5th grader at home. The teachers, communication, and support have been lifesavers during an interesting time of life. "
-Mindy, parent of 5th grader

"I really liked it! My grades are Wayyyyyyy better!!!  I think Davis Connect is a better fit for me;)"
-K. 5th grade student




"I have always wanted to homeschool my children, but I was nervous about getting started. This program has given me the confidence I needed as well as given me all of the resources to be able to do that. The teachers are so helpful and care about the students.  I’m so glad I found this program!!"
   -Jessica, parent of Kindergarten student

"I like learning at home. I like having reading time with my teachers and I also like getting together to do the activities. I like being able to do my schoolwork when I want to do it. "
   -Kindergarten student


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"What we have appreciated the most about taking part in the online program is the personalization of the curriculum to Aaden’s level and the ongoing ability to make adjustments if things were too easy or too hard for him in any particular subject.  Because of this, he was never being left behind in certain subjects like he would have been if in a traditional classroom setting nor being held back at subjects he was particularly good at.  It was highly individualized and there was ample support and encouragement from teachers for both the students and the parents.  Our overall experience with the program was extremely positive and I know it was the right choice for Aaden’s education."

-Lindsay, parent of 5th grade student