Unenroll from Davis Connect

Enrollment changes for Term 3 are closed. Students may switch programs within Davis Connect or return to their boundary schools at the term change.

If a student wishes to return to their boundary school in the middle of a term, Please contact the boundary school first. It will be at their discretion and space availabilty if a student can return to them in the middle of the term. Then, please have the boundary school contact Davis Connect by phone or email so that we can work with them to make the transition.

Please keep in mind enrollment changes mid-term may effect student's grades.

If you have any questions, please email at davisconnectoffice@dsdmail.net


Enrollment Request Priority Dates:
1st Term: by August 7th
2nd Term: by October 23rd 
3rd Term: by January 10th 
4th Term: by March 19th